Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Texas legislative map back on... uh... legislative map...

They're at it again. GOP Governor and longtime Bush lackey Rick Perry has called the Texas legislature back into session in an attempt to redistrict Texas into GOP hands.

This time, the Killer D's can't run. Their only choice is to stay and fight. But they can't even fight it in the house. They are hoping to pursuade 11 state senators to block the renewed redistricting plan. There are 12 Dems in the senate, but three of them seem unconcerned with the plan and are on the fence. One Republican senator could lose his seat, however, and may side with the Dems.

The most intriguing part of this story is that this Republican--Bill Ratliff--has given up the proof that the White House is indeed orchestrating the redistricting plan. He was quoted in The Washington Post as having been told by non other than Field Marshall Rove that the plan is "important to the president" and should be supported by all good little GOPers.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It might make sense strategically for the GOP to undertake these underhanded activities, but it cannot go ignored by the media and the voters. They may love Commander in Chief Bush now, but that love will not withstand much more Nixon-esque dirty trickery. Quite frankly, they love their Democracy more than they will ever love one (temporarily) popular leader.

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Sharpton a Contender? Really?

I know, I know. I'm late on this one. It's not meant as a slight to Sharpton.

The latest Post profile finds a man on the cusp of a new career. Al Sharpton isn't so much on a quest for the White House as he is on a quest for political legitimacy.

My take? He's certainly well on his way to earning it.

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Monday, June 30, 2003

McCain for Kerry, Clinton for Clark, and $6.5 million for Dean

Hell of a headline, huh? Well, it's a hell of a news day.

John McCain gave an interview to the Boston Herald in which he gives major vocal support to the candidacy of John Kerry. "He's smart, he's tough and he's experienced. He has the capability."

I was left wondering why McCain has not yet switched parties, but that's neither here nor there. As everyone is scrambling for the straight-talker mantle McCain practically invented, McCain's clearly picked sides in this battle. Of Howard Dean's charges that Kerry needs "a backbone transplant" for not standing up to the Bush administration forcefully enough, McCain countered, "I do not believe that's a fair criticism." He went on to point out that "Dean has spent some time apologizing to people recently for some of the things he's said."

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gave an interview to the Associated Press, in which he said that Wesley Clark "would make a good president." But here comes the classic Clinton caveat: "I cannot take sides in the Democratic primary."

And who knew Howard Dean was going to be this quarter's big money man? Yesterday an e-mail went out from Dean HQ, letting his supporters know that the campaign's "fundraising total for the second quarter has surged from 3.2 million dollars to 6 million dollars in just eight days." They were fishing for $6.5 million by the end of the quarter--midnight tonight.

As of 3:00PM ET this afternoon, they had surpassed that total and hit a mark of $6,647,296. An apparent side effect of this fundraising drive--conducted mostly on-line, by the way--is that over 1,000 new members signed up to support Dean at over one 5 hour period.

My readers know I've been a little tough on Dean lately. My comments on the conduct of his campaign still stand. But as a Democrat, I've got to say this kind of unprecidented, internet-driven blitz is exciting. It shows that our people power can indeed stand up to Rove & Co.'s "big tax cuts=big GOP donations" money machine. This is a grassroots insurgency. We are storming the gates. Let's just not let up until a Democrat--any Democrat--is back in the White House.

Here are some fundraising links for all of the Democratic candidates. I encourage all of you to give something, even a little something, to the candidate of your choice. Dean's got the momentum right now, but the total fundraising numbers from all candidates are going to make an impact--especially when it comes to scaring the pants off of the Republicans in power.

Go to it!

Contribute to Carol Moseley Braun
Contribute to Howard Dean
Contribute to John Edwards
Contribute to Dick Gephardt
Contribute to Bob Graham
Contribute to John Kerry
Contribute to Dennis Kucinich
Contribute to Joe Lieberman
Contribute to Al Sharpton
Contribute to Draft Clark

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