Thursday, July 17, 2003

Miffing Mfume

Kucinich, Lieberman, and Gephardt skipped the NAACP candidate forum in Florida earlier this week, angering the organization's leadership. President Kweisi Mfume declared the three "persona non grata." He added, "[w]hen candidates choose to ignore the NAACP, they have no legitimacy when they go into our communities later asking for our votes."

Good call, guys. Now try winning the Democratic nomination without support of the black community.

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Kerry Gets Tough

In the Bronx yesterday, John Kerry had some tough words for Team W. "It is clear that a dangerous gap in credibility has developed between President Bush's tough rhetoric and timid policies which don't do nearly enough to protect Americans from danger... And with each passing day, Americans are learning that we also face an intelligence gap. Americans should be able to trust that what the president tells them is true."

Kerry also took Bush to task on domestic security issues, calling Bush "big on bluster and short on action." He pledged a federal initiative to hire 100,000 new firefighters and 100,000 new police officers, restoring to President Clinton's COPS program.

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The Dems on Gay Marriage

At a Human Rights Campaign candidate forum, Kerry, Lieberman, Gephardt and Dean (yes, Dean) encountered an icy reception from the crowd when they announced they would not support gay marriage as President. Kucinich, Sharpton, and Moseley Braun were applauded for affirming their support for gay marriage.

This will probably surprise some of Dean's gay supporters who have misunderstood his signing of Vermont's legalization of civil unions. Though it's been largely ignored by the media, Dean has never supported the idea of gay marriage. Even at the federal level, he believes that civil unions should be a state decision, disproving the GOP contention that he is an 'extreme pro-gay liberal'.

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The Wit and Wisdom of Tom DeLay

Speaking of the Democratic critics of the President, DeLay said, "They think if they just get a little bit angrier and a little bit meaner and a little bit louder the American people will start hating the president as much as they do."

Well, I guess if anyone knows a little something about getting people to hate the President, it's Tom DeLay...

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GOP AGs Caught With Their Hands In Corporate Cookie Jars

All over the country, Republicans are getting so brash that they're not even trying to conceal their illegal and/or unethical activities. This latest story, appearing on the front page of today's Washington Post, finds "at least six" state attorneys general shaking down corporations "subject to lawsuits or regulations by their state governments" for political contributions. Clearly, the fundraising plan, coordinated by the Republican National Committee, is a protection racket. Corporations load the GOP with cash and the AGs leave them alone when it comes to civil suits and regulatory matters.

Absolutely disgusting.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Fighting for Democracy down in DeLayVille

The right-wing Texas Association of Business, widely credited with helping the GOP take over the Texas House of Representatives in 2002, is being investigated for violating Texas election law. The association spent $2 million on a massive direct mail campaign slamming Democrats and promoting Republicans. The money came from unidentified donors. They claim this was a legal expression of free speech as these were "issue ads" and not ads that specifically promoted one candidate over another. This is a stretch of logic and common sense, of course, which the Travis County DA's office refuses to accept. So far, president and CEO Bill Hammond has spent a few hours in jail for contempt of court and a grand jury has been convened to investigate the allegations.

Interestingly, the GOP takeover of the House is what led to the extralegal redistricting effort ordered by the DC lawlessness firm of Bush, DeLay, Rove & Cheney. The President's political career was born in Texas, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's going to die there as well.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Meet the Press, This Week

Bob Graham will sit down with Tim Russert this morning while Wesley Clark takes on George Stephanopoulos. Oddly, it seems that Clark is appearing as a candidate while Graham is appearing as the former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Tells you something about how this race is shaping up, doesn't it?

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Kerry's Cool Quotient

Kerry basher #1 Matt Drudge has had this photo up all week with the caption "all you need is love."

I'm pretty sure Drudge is trying to use this photo to make Kerry look like some sort of hippy. It's an odd way to go after Kerry, but one that could really backfire on the right-wing hit squad. Especially since, in the photo, one gets the disctinct impression that Lennon is more honored to be next to Kerry than the other way around.

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