Saturday, July 26, 2003

Broder to Dems: Get GOP on Tax Policy

David Broder is pointing to a recent Stanley Greenberg poll that finds (surprisingly to some, not at all to me) that voters stand with the Democrats on tax policy. Where some Dems see an unstoppable force in the GOP's desire to buy votes with tax cuts, Greenberg and Broder see a tremendous opening for brave Democrats willing to make the case for progressive taxation.

Some examples? Majorities of voters believe that offshore tax shelters for corporations and the wealthy should be banned. Majorities of voters believe that the cap on Social Security taxes should be removed. What tax policy priority scored dead last in the poll? A flat tax.

Take that Grover.

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Tomasky to Dems: Get Nader

Michael Tomasky at The American Prospect is suggesting that the best way to overcome a Green run in 2004 is to wage a preemptive war of words against Ralph Nader. Not a bad idea. Especially for liberal candidates like Dean, Gephardt, and Kerry, who are running in Nader territory. Take him out, Tomasky prompts, "from the left on certain social issues, on abortion rights and other things that he's often pooh-poohed and dismissed as irrelevant."

Look for an early anti-Nader (and by extension, anti-Green Party) campaign from the Dems the minute Nader dips his toe in the 2004 waters.

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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Lieberman wins a poll?!?!?!

The results of the latest Quinnipiac University poll find Joe Lieberman in first place among Democratic voters around the country. Dick Gephardt pulls up second place with 16% to Lieberman's 21%. Kerry and Dean follow with 13% and 10% respectively. Add Hillary Clinton to the mix and she leaves everyone in the dust, winning with 48%.

What's it mean? NOTHING!!!! National polls do not mean a thing at this point. This is still little more than a name recognition contest. Still, it's good news for Lieberman at a time when his campaign can use it...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Dean, Kerry, Lieberman on Top of CA Pile

Monday's Field Poll results found 16% of California Democrats supporting Howard Dean, 15% backing John Kerry, and 14% behind Joe Lieberman. Despite his third-place finish, this is bad very news for Lieberman, who had been running at 22%. The rest of the country is getting in line with the New Hampshire/Iowa numbers, suggesting that people are starting to pay attention to the 2004 race.

Dick Gephardt is running at a disappointing 7% and John Edwards is languishing at 4%. Not surprisingly, the rest of the pack is faltering at 2-3%, meaning Graham, Kucinich, Sharpton, and Moseley Braun are DOA in CA.

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Pallone Gives Dean Third Congressional Nod

New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone yesterday endorsed Howard Dean's campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. Pallone's district is an interesting one encompassing small liberal cities like Asbury Park and New Brunswick (Rutgers University) as well as blue-collar towns like Edison and Matawan.

Zoe Lofgren of California and Neil Abercombie of Hawaii are Dean's only other official Congressional supporters.

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Greens to Challenge Dems in 2004

In late May, I (oh yeah, and the Washington Post) reported that the Green Party may have been considering endorsing the Democratic nominee for President in 2004.

No such luck Dems. This weekend, the Greens shattered that pipe dream, declaring their interest in running their own candidate no matter what the circumstances.


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