Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Dean Leads Q4 Fundraising, Clark Close Behind

Sorry about the absence folks, but things have been super busy with the holidays and moving into a new place. Let's get back in the game...

As the fourth quarter is quickly coming to a close, some preliminary fundraising numbers are coming in and are basically confirming what we already knew. Howard Dean should lead the candidates with a Q4 take of about $15 million. Wesley Clark will make a strong showing with an estimated $10-$12 million quarter. No other candidates are expected to come close. Dick Gephardt and John Kerry should post numbers around $4 million with John Edwards and Joe Lieberman raising something in the neighborhood of $3 million. In the closing days, all of the campaigns are making last-minute pitches for donations. About 9,000 contributors gave Clark over $1 million as of today and Dean raised a similar amount in a slightly longer time period.

These numbers confirm that the primary race has come down to Dean v. Clark. The questions to contemplate over champagne corks popping and big balls dropping are these:

Who drops out?
Who gets their support when they drop out?
Can everyone get over the bitterness of the campaign?
Will anyone stomp away to run third party?

I'm not going to give my speculative answers to any of these questions just yet, but rest assured I've got some clear ideas.

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