Thursday, May 19, 2005

Paging Thomas Friedman

Good thing ol' Tom scrapped his silly Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention for the Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention. Whereas the original theory held that no two nations with McDonalds franchises would go to war with one another, the new theory is that nations with positions in major multinational corporate supply chains will also be less likely to go to war.

The above photo was taken on Wednesday in Indonesia. Incidentally, according to Friedman's column detailing the Dell supply chain, the CD/DVD drive of his new laptop was quite possibly manufactured in that very same American-flag-and-Bush-effigy-burning country.

Not too damning, but still pretty funny none the less.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Over $500 For Two Pairs Of Shoes?

Really? Really?

GOP Senate Leader Bill Frist made the unfortunate decision on Friday to go shoe shopping. Why was this decision unfortunate? Well, for starters, the shoe store happens to be just downstairs from the anti-privatization group Americans United to Protect Social Security. According to Josh Marshall (who's even got photos!), the staff was able to pull together an on-the-spot protest, blasting Frist for supporting the plan to gut Social Security.

As if that's not bad enough, apparently someone took note of how much Frist was spending on his new pair of shoes. Two pairs cost the deep-pocketed Senator a whopping $500. Ah, you just have to love those wholesome, down-to-earth red state Republicans. They're such real people. They're not at all like us decadent Northeastern liberals, with our sense of entitlement and love of minorities and HBO television shows.

I wonder if the factory workers living in the suburbs of Nashville know how much Fristy spends on his shoes...

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